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Since its founding in 1999, Tejas has developed the latest technology in flow control products for the energy industries.  We help operators provide energy products safely while protecting the environment.  Rooted in the legacy of oil and gas production, Tejas has products ideally suited for 'Green Energy' pursuits, primarily in two areas:  Geothermal applications for power generation and Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS) applications for reducing carbon emissions.


Tejas Global Services stands ready to provide installation support and maintenance to end-user and via established partners / service companies. We have deep expertise in downhole completions products, especially subsurface safety valves and other flow control devices, which are certified to the latest industry standards (Packers, Tubing Anchors, Frac Plugs, etc.).


Tejas GATE™ series of safety valves offer full-bore through-put and are installed integral to the tubing string in either producers or injectors.  GATE™ series valves feature greater reliability than any other valve in the market, period!


If you want our engineering expertise, our turnkey product development, or only want to purchase a product built to your requirements, Tejas is both your solution and partner helping you succeed in your mission. Your success is our goal.

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