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The GARD™ family of products represents a step change in wireline deployable intervention safety valve technology, performance, reliability, and efficiency.  Specifically designed to keep wells producing with minimal intervention, extend the productive life of the well (lowering total cost of ownership), while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Introducing the next generation of rig-less, wireline retrievable, safety and injection valves featuring the exclusive, metal to metal GARD™ powered closure system.  The GARD™ system is a unique closure mechanism designed to improve closing force, increase reliability, and extend time between intervention cycles.   It’s the solution to your well intervention and continued production needs.

Tejas also offers 'time-tested' and 'field-proven' legacy 'CAMCO®' Injection and Velocity Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves to replace your existing flow control equipment in aging wells as needed.  Contact us today for technology from both the past and the present to address your intervention needs.

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