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HiFLO Nipple Banner.png

HiFLO™ Lock Nipple


  • Interfaces with HiFLO™ Lock

  • Premium Threads

  • BXP, BXB, PXP Configurations

  • Direction Indicator

  • CRA Materials Available

  • Slimline outside diameter

10-15 ksi



HiFLO™ Nipple

* Available at -240°F for liquid CO2 injection

  Available at +500°F for steam injection


The Tejas HiFLO™ Nipple is designed to be used with the Tejas HiFLO™ Lock in new well completions where an InjectGARD™ Safety Valve is used as either the primary safety device, zonal isolation tools, or as passive "surge-protection" during injection operations.  The HiFLO™ Nipple is available in CRA materials and has a reduced outside diameter (close to collar dimensions for 10,000 psi applications) for intelligent completions that could require significant control line bypass.  Available in a wide variety of premium threaded connections, the HiFLO™ Nipple can be used to provide continued injection safety in wells where the conventional Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves (TRSV's) have failed during the life operation.  A simple wireline run will bring the well back into regulatory compliance for continued operation with the combined InjectGARD™, HiFLO™ Lock, and HiFLO™ Nipple System.

Contact Tejas Research & Engineering today for more information about this simple addition to your injection completion design.

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