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Tejas is here to provide certainty to the market. One of our two very distinct sides of our business is the testing services we offer. Tejas is equipped with the best technology for prototype testing of downhole solutions. With an established history of testing to API and ISO qualification standards, we can achieve pressures up to 80,000 psi and temperature ranges of 1,000°F to -200°F. The care and precision that goes into our unique testing facility allows us to replicate a variety of conditions downhole. We offer nondestructive testing in which our customers can validate and strengthen their operating parameters. 

Confidentiality is a golden standard to Tejas, especially in regard to our quality testing services. Tejas is trusted with our customers’ best kept professional secrets. We both value and protect their information regarding trade secrets and can certify no risk in working with us in terms of private information being disclosed to competitors. Our value in authenticity does not only pertain to the quality of our products but to the regard we have for the trust we have built and continue to uphold.

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