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SurGATE™ Tubing Retrievable Safety Valves w/ Injection


  • Paraffin and Scale Applications

  • Design based on the FlowGATE™ Safety Valve Product Line

  • Flapper / Flow Tube Chemical Injection Line

    • Dual Backpressure Isolation

SurGATE™ Safety Valve

with Chemical Injection

10,000 psi



Grade V1

SurGATE ISO Full.png

Metal-to-Metal Back-Pressure Prevention Injection Line Assembly

* Available for Cyrogenic and Steam Injection Applications upon request

The Tejas SurGATE™ tubing retrievable safety valves are rated for up to 10,000 psi [690 bar] working pressure and setting depths up to 2,000 ft [610 m].  They are available with premium piston hydraulic control line isolation and through-flapper, self-equalizing features.  SurGATE™ valves have been specifically designed for high paraffin and scale producing wells.  They incorporate a pressure activated, redundant back-pressure protected chemical injection line ported directly into the flapper recess within the lower body of the valve.  The chemical injection will prevent fouling of both the Flow Tube and the Flapper during operation.

SurGATE™ surface controlled sub-surface safety valves (SCSSV’s) are rod piston actuated, normally spring closed, fail safe, safety valves.  During either production or injection, they are held open with control pressure supplied from the surface by a hydraulic control line that extends through the wellhead to an Emergency Shut-Down (ESD) system at the surface.  Removing the control line pressure will return the valve to its normally closed position.

In the unlikely event that the SurGATE™ requires remediation, the Tejas Lock Open Tool (LOT) will permanently lock the flow tube in the ‘open’ position allowing for ‘full-bore’ thru-tubing operations.  Once the novel Tejas Communication Tool (COM) has been used to perforate the hydraulic piston bore, the SurGATE™ safety valve is ready for the installation of the secondary, wireline retrievable safety valve.  The smaller internal SurGARD™ wireline safety valve can then be landed in the locked out and communicated tubing safety valve to meet regulatory safety valve compliance requirements and get the well producing again.

Contact Tejas Research & Engineering today for more information about this simple addition to your completion design with the added benefit of chemical injection at the safety valve.

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