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InjectGATE™ Tubing Retrievable Injection Safety Valves


  • Water and Gas (WAG) Injection

  • Unlimited Setting Depth

  • No Control Lines

  • No 'Flapper Chatter'

  • Autonomous Surge Protection

  • CO₂ Storage Wells

10,000 psi



Grade V3

InjectGATE™ Injection Safety Valve

InjectGARD™ Safety Valve with HiFLO™ Lock

* Available for Cyrogenic and Steam Injection Applications upon request

InjectGARD™ Accessory Tools

The Tejas InjectGATE™ tubing retrievable injection valve (formerly TRIV™), is a subsurface controlled, injection safety valve that features the patented Tejas InjectGARD injection, variable-orifice, insert safety valve as the prime actuator. It is designed to prevent injection fluid from flowing back out of the well once injection stops, or if the surface equipment becomes damaged or malfunctions.


The InjectGATE™ injection safety valve provides a reliable, extremely versatile system that is virtually maintenance free. Together with the InjectGARD™ and HiFLO™ Lock, the InjectGATE™ system provides complete well integrity without the necessity of running control line(s) to depth. The InjectGATE™ features metal-to-metal body joints and incorporates our proven curved flapper and hard/soft seat primary seal designs.


The InjectGATE™ provides a dual-barrier safety system designed to provide a 28-year service life. The tubing retrievable valve and wireline insert valve have unlimited setting depths and are available in a wide variety of material combinations that are suitable for high surge potential, severely corrosive, highly erosive, and cryogenic environments associated with water and gas (WAG) injection applications.


The InjectGARD™ installed within the InjectGATE™ acts to open the flapper with pressure before any flow proceeds downhole.  This eliminates troublesome ‘flapper chatter’ and further allows the system to act as an autonomous surge protection valve during operation.  The InjectGATE™ can be installed with the flapper held open for self-filling or any potential through-tubing operations before injection.  Also, the InjectGATE™ can also be temporarily locked open when the The InjectGARD™ is removed.  Once the InjectGATE™ is re-installed, the InjectGATE™ will reset to normal injection condition upon the first flow cycle.

Contact Tejas Research & Engineering today for more information about including this new 'injection' technology to your next injection completion design.

InjectGATE™ Tubing Retrievable Injection Safety Valve with InjectGARD™ Insert Safety Valve and HiFLO™ Lock

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