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HiFLO Lock Banner.png

HiFLO™ Lock


  • High Flow Injection Applications

  • Smooth Bore for Enhanced Flow

  • Compatible with OEM Equipment

  • Equalization Sub Available

10-15 ksi



HiFLO™ Lock 

RIH Condition

* Available at -240°F for liquid CO2 injection

  Available at +500°F for steam injection


The Tejas HiFLO™ Lock is designed to be used with the Tejas HiFLO™ Nipple in new well completions where injection efficiency is a priority.  The HiFLO™ Lock can be used with the Tejas InjectGARD™ Safety Valve or other OEM equipment as needed.  The smooth bore is designed specifically for injection of water and gas at high flow rates.  The lock can be trimmed with seals for liquid carbon dioxide (C02) common in Carbon-Capture and Storage (CCS) applications.  The HiFLO™ Lock has dedicated Running and Pulling tools that use conventional wireline setting and pulling techniques.  

Contact Tejas Research & Engineering today for more information about this simple addition to your new injection completion design.

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