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InjectGARD™ Injection Safety Valve


  • Unlimited setting depth

  • 20-year erosional performance

  • Prevents injection surge

  • WAG and CCS applications

* Available at -240°F for liquid CO2 injection

  Available at +500°F for steam injection

HiFLO™ Lock

InjectGARD™ Safety Valve

Variable Orifice Seat

10,000 psi





Tejas introduces the next generation of Wireline Retrievable Injection Safety Valves equipped with our exclusive GARD™ Technology, the InjectGARD™ Safety Valve.


Most Injection Wireline Safety Valves use interchangeable orifice "chokes" to get specific differential pressures ensuring proper function downhole. These chokes increase the injection back-pressure during operation. The increased back-pressure reduces the injection efficiency and increases the required horsepower during injection. Also, most Injection Wireline Safety Valves use Flappers and Flow Tubes that are subjected to "hammer" and critical threshold flow levels before proper function.


The API-14A Validated InjectGARD™ uses an variable orifice that actively adjusts to the instantaneous injection flow to maintain a consistent low back-pressure without a Flapper or Flow Tube. The InjectGARD™ is simply a "better mousetrap" for Injection Safety Valve applications. The "passive" and "transparent" functionality allow it to be an effective "Surge Valve" that can be set as low as possible in the well to protect your reservoir from start-and-stop surge damage.

The InjectGARD™ can be run on any OEM Lock, or on the Tejas HiFLO™ Lock in a dedicated HiFLO™ Nipple designed specifically for injection completions (in lieu of "re-purposing" production technology for injection applications).

We look forward to discussing your specific well conditions and working with your preferred wellhead provider to solve your most difficult Injection Safety Valve application challenges.

 InjectGARD™ System Components


Safety Valve




Running Tool


Pulling Tool

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