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DeepGARD™ Safety Valve Nipple


  • 'Deep' to 'Ultra-Deep' Completions

  • Surface Control for Deep-set Wireline Insert Valves

  • Located above OEM SCSSV

  • Shifting 'Communicates' ID while 'Isolating' the Jumper Control Line

10-15 ksi



DeepGARD™ Nipple

DeepGARD™ Nipple


Jumper Control Line

Bypass Control Line


The Tejas DeepGARD™ Nipples are designed to be installed above OEM deep-set tubing retrievable safety valves to provide a location to land and lock secondary deep-set wireline retrievable insert safety valves (i.e. DeepGARD™ Safety Valves).  Typically, deep-set tubing retrievable safety valves are not designed with communication features that allow failure mitigation with wireline insert safety valves.  The DeepGARD™ Nipples provided a means for hydraulic communication from a surface hydraulic control line to either the tubing retrievable safety valve below, or to the secondary wireline retrievable insert safety valve.  DeepGARD™ Nipples are rated to 15,000 psi and designed for use with either API standard weight or non-API heavy-weight production tubing and can be installed in sweet or severely corrosive well conditions.


All DeepGARD™ Nipples feature proven metal-to-metal, Patented testable body joints, and hydraulic communication/isolation sealing technology.  They also feature field-proven testable hydraulic control line connections.  DeepGARD™ Nipples can be supplied with a wide variety of locking profiles and polished bores.  They also allow for 'short' secondary wireline insert safety valves and provide significant outside diameter bypass for lower completion control line(s)/flatpack(s) clearance.


During normal operation, one of the OEM safety valve surface control lines (i.e. Line 1) is routed through the DeepGARD™ Nipple and down to the safety valve via a short Jumper Control Line (shown above).  Until communicated, the hydraulic pathway through the DeepGARD™ Nipple is 'transparent' to normal surface operations.  The other safety valve control line (i.e. Line 2) passes over the outside of the DeepGARD™ Nipple down to the safety valve as usual during typical installations.  Once the DeepGARD™ Nipple is shifted, all hydraulic communication to the tubing retrievable safety valve through the Jumper Control Line is completely and permanently isolated while the inside of the DeepGARD™ Nipple is hydraulically communicated with the surface control line (i.e. Line 1) for the Tejas DeepGARD™ secondary wireline retrievable insert safety valve control.

Contact Tejas Research & Engineering today for more information about this robust and simple solution to ensure production continues if your deep-set tubing retrievable safety valve fails during operation.

DeepGARD™ Nipple

DeepGARD™ Isolation and Test Tool

DeepGARD™ Nipple Shifting Tool

DeepGARD™ Safety Valve System Components

Lower Polished Bore

Upper Polished Bore and Lock Profile

DeepGARD™ Nipple Features

Patented 25,000 psi Testable Body Joint Connections

Testable Control Line Connections

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