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FlowGARD™ Safety Valve


  • Ultra-Deep setting depths

  • No Nitrogen-charge

  • 20-year erosional performance

  • Axial piston design

  • Higher 'Reliability'

OEM Lock and Spacer

15,000 psi



Grade V1

DeepGARD™ Safety Valve

GARD Power Check™ System 

* Available with lower temperatures and alternate pressures upon request


The Tejas DeepGARD™ Deep-Set Wireline Insert Safety Valve is designed specifically for 'deep' and 'ultra-deep' production operations in compliance with API-14A, 12th Ed. Grade V1 specifications.  The DeepGARD™ Safety Valve can be deployed either within a ‘communicated’ Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve (TRSV), or within a suitable hydraulic landing nipple (i.e. DeepGARD™ Nipple). 


The DeepGARD™ Safety Valve is used to control production flow in deep oil and gas wells.  The DeepGARD™ is self-equalizing and uses a Tungsten Carbide (TC) GARD Power Check™ closure system with a novel equalizing system that is more robust than alternative ‘flapper-style’ dart equalizing systems and provides more than 300X more closure force than conventional wireline valves.  Component materials are NACE-Approved and may be specified to any customer requirements.  The DeepGARD™ features dual-redundant seals with ‘fail-safe’ closure in the unlikely event of hydraulic system seal failure.


The ‘tubing-pressure insensitive' DeepGARD™ allows the valve to operate at extreme depths with significantly lower surface hydraulic pressures without a charged Nitrogen chamber.  The patented closure mechanism and piston configuration provide greater longevity and reliability over traditional flapper-style safety valves.

DeepGARD™ Nipple

DeepGARD™ Isolation and Test Tool

DeepGARD™ Nipple Shifting Tool

DeepGARD™ Safety Valve System Components

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