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Chemical Injection

Operators must be confident in reliability of these mission critical components. Tejas designs and tests these chemical injection systems to the most stringent standards. 


Let us help you getting peace of mind. Succeed with us!


Injection Nipples

The Tejas DA-CIV chemical injection nipple is designed to be run with the DA-CIV Chemical Injection Valve System. The DA-CIV nipple is deployed on the tubing string, to facilitate direct chemical injection into the tubing from surface via the DA-CIV system. The injection system is equipped with a series of back pressure checks to protect the injection line from back pressure/flow of well fluids.

The injection valve is manufactured with a ‘X or R-Type’ Nipple Profile and two or three honed seal bores to straddle the upper or lower injection port, or both as may be required. Connects to two separate 3/4” Chemical Injection Lines. A complete line of accessories such as Straddle Pack, Lock, Injection Tubing, Collar Protectors, Strapping Equipment and Tubing Reel equipment are available upon request. 

The Tejas DA-CIV is a Chemical Injection Valve designed to close in the most severe operating conditions, where reliable closure is mandatory and preventing hydrocarbons from the production tubing to flow back to the surface via the injection tubing or annulus.

The DA-CIV is installed in the annulus with special clamps to the tubing and is connected to the wellhead via a dedicated injection tubing and communicates to the tubing via a ported injection sub.


Injection Vavles

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