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Legacy CAMCO Valves

Operators must be confident in reliability of these mission critical components. Tejas designs and tests these chemical injection systems to the most stringent standards. 


Let us help you getting peace of mind. Succeed with us!


Hydrostatic Valves

The Camco* type T-4 Slickline Retrievable Safety Valve operates on the ambient pressure principle. The T-4 valve closes when the tubing pressure at the valve drops below a preset closing pressure threshold. To facilitate deeper operating pressure settings or higher production pressures, a gas charged chamber is used to offset tubing pressure.

The T-4 Safety Valve utilizes a unique ball and seat design as the primary closure mechanism and offers a large flow area to handle high producing rates with minimum production pressure losses through the valve.


Using the proper lock adapter the T-4 safety valve will attach to most manufacturers’ locking mandrel and is installed in the well with standard slickline methods. These devices can be located and locked within a landing nipple in the production tubing string. If the T-4 safety valve is to be used in tubing string without a landing nipple the valve must be attached to a collar lock and tubing pack-off, or a slip-lock.

Hydrostatic Valves Technical Sheet

The Camco* type A-1 Injection Safety Valve is designed to prevent wells from flowing back or blowing out in the event of an emergency. The A-1 will open at preset injection flow rates†, have unlimited setting depth and, are suitable for severely corrosive environments. These valves are available to 10,000-psi [68,950-kPa] working pressure.


Injection Valves

Injection Valves Technical Sheet


Velocity Valves

The Camco* type A Series Subsurface Velocity Safety Valve is designed to prevent wells from overproducing or blowing out in the event of an emergency. The A-3 is differential pressure-operated and set to close at a predetermined rate of flow. The A-3 can be adjusted to close at different flow rates by changing the spring, using spring spacers, and/or varying the inside diameter of the valve’s replaceable flow tube choke bean†.

Velocity Valves Technical Sheet

The Camco* type B-Series Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve is manufactured in compliance with API 14A and may be monogrammed upon request. Materials of construction are NACE approved and may be specified to any customer requirements. The B-Series SCSSV features a large, straight-through bore for minimum restriction and a concentric piston actuation system for long-term, reliable performance.


Wireline Valves

Wireline Valves Technical Sheet

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