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Variable Orifice (VOi) Series

Variable Orifice Injection Safety Valves (VOi) allows you to inject more fluid at lower cost. The VOi is the first choice for any new injection well (single or multi-zone), but can be retrofitted in any existing well. The VOi series are autonomous operating valves that have all the benefits of running a conventional downhole injection safety valve but none of the drawbacks. A very low pressure differential throughout the entire operating range is maintained, making the VOi virtually “invisible” in the injection system, as the orifice opening changes and directly responds to changes in flow rates. That means more fluid injected at lower cost. Succeed with us!


VOi - Variable Orifice Injection

The unique variable orifice design of the WR-VOi™ proportionally opens in response to injection flow and maintains a constant pressure drop regardless of the injection flow rate. The WR-VOi™, eliminates the need for costly wireline orifice change-outs required for flapper-style safety valves when the injection rate changes over time. Also, the internal components are highly erosion resistant and have greater longevity than traditional flapper-style injection safety valves

VOi - Variable Orifice Injection (Insert) Valve

The Tejas tubing retrievable injection valve with hydraulics, or TRIV-H, is a subsurface controlled, injection safety valve that features the patent-pending Tejas VOi™ variable orifice insert. The TRIV-H hydraulic piston feature enables pressure integrity confirmation of the TRIV-H flapper and lower completion barrier valve (dual barriers) prior to removal of surface safety equipment. The hydraulic piston harnesses tubing pressure cycles to achieve the necessary operational sequence for run-in and pressure testing. After pressure testing, flow alone actuates the TRIV-H flapper ensuring the lower completion barrier valve can be cycled repeatedly until re-opened without any potential for hydraulic lock. 

The TRIV-H and VOi™ combination is designed to allow high flow injection rates without the need for a separate control system. The large-bore geometry provides the most efficient injection safety valve available on the market. The TRIV-H and VOi™ are designed to cover the entire range of injection rates up to 70,000 bpd [11,130 m3/d] and 10,000 psi [68,948 kPa] working pressure


Tubing Retrievable Injection Valve - Hydraulic Actuated

TRiV-H  - Tubing Retrievable Variable Orifice Injection Valve - w/Hydraulic actuation

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