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Safety & Quality

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Our SH&E and Quality program forms the keystone on which our development of world class products and services is based. Exemplary product quality and zero SH&E incidents are and will remain our primary goals.

Quality Policy

At Tejas, our mission is to deliver Products, Engineering and Testing Services that meet the requirements of our customers.

Tejas' commitment to quality is the driving force behind our state of the art completion tools. We develop reliable and repeatable solutions for our end users to minimize the frequency of the intervention cycle and extend the life of existing wells. Relentlessly, Tejas meets the parameters of industry quality standards, and assures scrutiny over designs and manufacture and processes of our technology via a Quality Management System focused on continuous improvement. Our subsurface completion tools are purposefully and precisely designed and manufactured to bring reliability and longevity to downhole field operations. We strive to deliver best-in-class quality products manufactured with high precision to API standards. Our business is focused on delivering products and services to perform and operate as expected. Customers can be assured our  products will turn their ideas into reality.

Safety Policy

Tejas is the sum of its People, meaning its customers, suppliers, contractors, employees and investors. The families of our People count on Tejas to provide a safe work environment for our employees and visitors; and follow safety rules when offsite. We are dedicated to achieving and sustaining an incident and injury free working environment by promoting, “Zero Accident,” performance. Tejas’ philosophy is that every accident is preventable and so safety is and must be on the forefront of every employee’s mind at all times. In addition, we take utmost care and scrutiny when manufacturing, testing or servicing products to be sure our safety equipment operates just as designed: preventing field anomalies or harm to people and the environment. The care and precision that goes into designing and manufacturing our tools helps us bring safety beyond our company and into the field.

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