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NPD - TRIV™ with VOi™

The Tubing Retrievable Injection Safety Valve (TRIV™) with internal Variable Orifice Insert Valve (VOi™) eliminates the need for expensive Production Tubing Safety Valves to be used for Injection Well Completions.


The VOi™ and TRIV™ work together as a true "dual-barrier" safety valve system that doesn't require control lines from the surface for operation. The TRIV™ and VOi™ also act as Surge Valves for instantaneous shut-downs that could damage the reservoir and surface equipment.


The VOi™ protects the TRIV™Flapper from potentially damaging exposure to injection flow over the life of the well by OPENING the Flapper before allowing ANY flow to move through the TRIV™. The VOi™ is a "proven" and rugged design that passively adjusts to a wide variety of flowing conditions and maintaining a low differential back-pressure during injection operations.


In this configuration, both the TRIV™and VOi™ are independent API-14A Safety Valves working together to outperform any other "fixed orifice" valve ever conceived.

We look forward to discussing your specific well conditions and solving your most challenging injection Safety Valve application.

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