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Now Available - SurGard™ WRSV

The latest New Product solution for wells with failed Safety Valves or without Safety Valve is the SurGard™ Safety Valve System.

The SurGard™ System consists of a Wellhead Adapter (and Spacer Spool), WRS Wireline Retrievable Safety Valve, Capillary Hanger, and Hydraulic Stinger.  The WRS Safety Valve is run with conventional wireline setting tools and can be landed anywhere in the well (Nippleless Carrier version), or within a standard lock profile (Standard Lock version). The Wellhead Adapter, installed just below the tree master valve, provides a landing receptacle for the Capillary Hanger and Hydraulic Stinger that provide surface hydraulic control for the WRS Safety Valve during operation.  The SurGard™ System is a less expensive option than pulling the entire completion for wells that require surface safety valve control.

We look forward to discussing your specific well conditions and working with your preferred wellhead provider to solve your most difficult Safety Valve application problems.


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