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NPD - SurGard™ WRSV

The latest New Project solution for wells lacking Safety Valves is the SurGard™ Safety Valve System.

The SurGard™ is run with a Capillary String "Setting Tool" and can be landed anywhere in the well. With an existing tree, or with a dedicated Control Line Hanger compatible wellhead Spool, the SurGard™ Safety Valve can be actuated with a proven capillary string deployed Hydraulic Stinger that is stabbed into the SurGard™ during installation. Unlike other systems, the SurGard™ Safety Valve doesn't have the potential leak paths and failure points of the "integrated setting piston" hydraulic seals.

We look forward to discussing your specific well conditions and working with your preferred wellhead provider to solve your most difficult Safety Valve application problems.