A "Solutions" Machine - New Product Development

We understand the challenges faced when extreme sour and corrosive environments are combined with HPHT conditions, because we have done it before! Tejas is a recognized leader in the establishment of the standards of the future.

Now in its' 18th year of operations Tejas has developed a well-deserved reputation for "doing things differently". With a testing facility for tomorrows' horizons, innovative engineers and support personnel are focused squarely on the needs of equipment for the oil and gas wells of the future. Innovative products we have designed to date include:

A complete line of SCSSV's for two separate oilfield service companies.

The InjectSafe* system for production by chemical injection methods with full SCSSV integrity, winner of an E & P Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award at the 2007 OTC.

Integrated tandem TR-SCSSV's rated for 25,000psi at 500°F, a world's first certified SCSSV! Our designs are supported by top quality manufacturing facilities and a team of "hands on" field engineers focused on conceiving the impossible and delivering the practical.

Ultimately, we are a "Service Company to the Service Companies..."

We have a history of New Product Development, NPD, developing equipment for service companies that include:​

  • HPHT Packers

  • Frac Ball Launchers

  • Sliding Sleeves

  • Gas Vent Valves

  • Pulse-Injection Tools

  • Composite Frac Plugs

  • Multi-Port Frac Systems

  • Drilling Plugs

  • Wireline Accessory Tools

  • Thermal Compensating Anchors

  • Dual Flow Safety Valves

  • Gas Injection Valves

  • Variable Orifice Injection Valves

  • Barrier Valves

  • Electric Safety Valves

  • Deepset Safety Valves

  • Tubing Retrievable Injection Valves

  • Deepset Chemical Injection Valves

  • Frac Sleeves

  • Etc.​​

*InjectSafe is a Trademark of Baker Hughes.


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