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HydroGARD™ Lock


  • Ambient Hydrostatic Control

  • Ultra-Low Closing Pressures

  • Anti-Slugging Latch

  • GARD™ Sealing System

  • Autonomous Function

  • Safe Nitrogen Charging/Unloading

10-15 ksi


HydroGARD™ Lock 

Open Condition

Nitrogen Charge Port



GARD™ Sealing System


The Tejas HydroGARD™ is an 'ambient' or 'hydrostatic' Subsurface Controlled Safety Valve.  The valve remains open when the tubing & flowing pressures are above a preset closing pressure threshold.  Once the flowing pressure drops below the threshold (i.e. loss of well control), the valve will autonomously close, preventing the loss of wellbore fluid or gas.  To facilitate deeper operating pressure settings or higher production pressures, a Nitrogen gas-charged chamber is used to offset the ambient hydrostatic tubing pressure.


The HydroGARD™ uses the unique GARD™ ball-and-seat design as the primary closure mechanism which provides large flow areas to handle high production rates with minimal production pressure losses through the valve.


The HydroGARD™ is deployed utilizing standard slickline operations and is adaptable to all OEM lock mandrels.  When a landing nipple is not available or washed out, the HydroGARD™ can be RIH on Tejas’ “nippleless” FlexLOK™ which is designed to anchor and pack-off anywhere in the tubing string without the need for a landing nipple.


The HydroGARD™ is designed withstand differential working pressures up to 10,000 psi [690 bar] and can operate at temperatures up to 300°F [149°C].  Low threshold trigger pressures down to 100 psi [6.9 bar] or lower are available upon request.

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