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High Pressure & High Temperature

R&D testing capabilities that reproduce extreme in situ conditions with fast turnaround that is just not available elsewhere. Don't try to make do by "shoehorning" your needs into inadequate facilities when we can duplicate your every condition.

The oil and gas industry of tomorrow will explore ever greater limits of pressure and temperature. To meet these challenges demands HPHT testing capabilities to verify the functionality of newly designed products for such conditions. We recognized this need early and developed our own unique in house testing facility to reproduce the most extreme in situ conditions. This facility is used for both in house product development testing and for outside services offering:

HPHT testing to 80,000 psi at -200 to 1000 °F using convection heating and cooling.

Comprehensive flow loop testing up to 40,000 bbls/d to 3000 psi at 500 °F. Such comprehensive testing facilities speed the development of new products to meet the extreme condition of tomorrow.


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