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Frac Plug Millout Testing

Our fully instrumented and modular Frac Plug Millout Test Fixture can help you evaluate mill designs, millout times, rates of plug removal, “clutching” effectiveness, and BHA setups for 4-1/2” and 5-1/2” unconventional completion plugs.

Our Frac Plug Millout Test Fixture is not a “permanent” setup, but it uses the same modular main components (hydraulic ram, pump-in spool, pump-out spool, flow meters, pressure transducers, load cells, debris catcher, etc.) with auxiliary equipment (tri-plex pump, freshwater supply tank, etc.) specifically selected for your testing plan. Ultimately, this test setup philosophy gives you more flexibility during your testing program.

Multiple frac plug millouts can be made within a stroke length of twelve (12) feet. Setdown loads in excess of 5,000 lbf can be maintained, or incremented as needed, based on your testing requirements. Mud motor flow rates of 4 bpm and 2,500 psi are available for your most challenging milling operations. All data and video can be streamed “live” to any other interested parties if desired. Full frac plug pressure setting and testing can be completed before millout evaluation, if required, in one of our test wells.


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