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FlowGARD™ Safety Valve


  • 2,000 ft setting depth

  • 20-year erosional performance

  • 100X more closure force

  • Axial piston design

  • Higher 'Reliability'

OEM Lock and Spacer

10,000 psi



Grade V1

GARD™ System 

FlowGARD™ Safety Valve

* Available with lower temperatures and higher pressures upon request


The FlowGARD™ is a wireline retrievable safety valve (WRSV) rated for working pressures of up to 10,000 psi [690 bar] and temperatures up to 300°F (149°C).  The FlowGARD™ compact design utilizes a GARD™ metal-to-metal ball and seat closure seal to provide 100% well containment when closed.


The FlowGARD™ is connected to a downhole lock and landed in either a dedicated hydraulic landing nipple or inside a TRSV where hydraulic communication has been established. The FlowGARD™ operates with a surface-controlled emergency shutdown (ESD) system that supplies hydraulic control pressure to actuate the hydraulic piston to open the ball and seat closure mechanism.  The FlowGARD™ is a “fail-safe”, normally closed valve that will protect production installations from uncontrolled flow if wellhead equipment is damaged in a catastrophic event.


After shut-ins, the integrated self-equalizing design facilitates a rapid return to production, reducing operational downtime.  The FlowGARD™ is tested/certified to API-14A-Grade V1 and manufactured in accordance with API-Q1 and ISO-9001:2015 standards.  Materials selection options are based on NACE MR-0175 compliance. 

 FlowGARD™ Closed for Well Control

 FlowGARD™ Opened for Production

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