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Flow Control Devices

Tejas’ autonomous downhole flow control devices can greatly help improve safety and reduce operational risks. Our flow control valves, barriers and plugs are designed to operate from a single cycle to thousands of cycles, depending on the application. Let’s discuss your needs.


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Cascade Valves

The “Cascade” valve is based on a double seated curved flapper design. The double-seated curved flapper concept builds on proven surface controlled subsurface safety valve curved flapper technology. The curved flapper offers optimized packaging opportunities relative to working pressure and available wall sections (OD /ID constraints).


The Cascade valve uses a sequence of timed shear events that allow the seat surfaces to translate away from the flapper while the flapper is rotated open and locked out with the upper flow tube. Once the flapper rotates behind the upper flow tube, the Cascade valve provides a full 6.210” bore through which the completion string may pass.

Cascade Valve Technical Sheet

The Tejas DA-CIV is a Chemical Injection Valve designed to close in the most severe operating conditions, where reliable closure is mandatory and preventing hydrocarbons from the production tubing to flow back to the surface via the injection tubing or annulus.

The DA-CIV is installed in the annulus with special clamps to the tubing and is connected to the wellhead via a dedicated injection tubing and communicates to the tubing via a ported injection sub.


Tubing Check Valves

Tubing Check Valve Technical Sheet

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