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FlexLOK™ Tool Anchor

5,000 psi*



Grade V1


  • Tool Anchor for wells without Landing Nipples

  • API-14L - V1 Validation

  • Large Internal Diameter

  • Run and Pulled with Conventional Wireline Tools (i.e. E4 and GS)

FlexLOK™ Tool Anchor

* Available with lower temperatures and higher pressures upon request


Have you found yourself in the situation where you need to run a wireline tool without the ability to set it within your well?  The Tejas FlexLOK™ is a wireline deployed lock system designed to set directly in the completion tubing without the need for a landing nipple/profile key system.  The FlexLOK™ provides the operator greater flexibility to deploy wireline tools when the well does not have landing nipple(s) or the landing nipple seal bore(s) are damaged and non-functional.   


The FlexLOK™ utilizes a simple retrievable packer-style element with a proven retractable “cone-less” slip system design found in some retrievable packers.  These features allow the FlexLOK™ to be set anywhere within the smooth bore of a completion tubing joint.  The FlexLOK™ is designed to minimize tubing contact stresses by distributing setting forces over a greater contact area with the unique slip system.


The FlexLOK™ (or nippleless lock) can be run and set using either a Baker E-4-style setting tool to apply setting force into the FlexLOK™ seal and slip system. The FlexLOK™ is easily adaptable to the appropriate setting tool utilizing an available wireline adapter kit which is configured to the FlexLOK™ based on the required setting force needed to set the seal element and set the slip systems into the casing.  The FlexLOK™ can also be recovered with standard wireline internal fishing tools (i.e. GS-style pulling tools) for re-dress and re-run, if required.


Ultimately, the FlexLOK™ increases your options for retrofitting, or enhancing your completion design.  Please contact the Engineering Department at Tejas Research & Engineering with any questions.

Recovery Profile

FlexLOK™ with InjectGARD™ Injection Safety Valve 'set' in Production Tubing 

Cone-less Slips

Sealing Element


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