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FlexGARD™ Straddle Safety Valve System


  • Straddle Lock for TRSV's with Damaged Polished Bores

  • API-14L - V1 Validation

  • Large Internal Diameter

  • Run and Pulled with Conventional Wireline Tools (i.e. E4 and GS)

FlexGARD™ Safety Valve System

FlexGARD™ 'Straddles' the damaged OEM Safety Valve Polished Bores

* Available with lower temperatures and higher pressures upon request

5,000 psi*



Grade V1


What do you do when the Polished Bores within your downhole safety valve (SCSSV) are damaged beyond repair? In lieu of pulling the entire completion, you can use a FlexGARD™ to get production re-established quickly.  The FlexGARD™ is a wireline deployed, insert safety valve conveyance system that allows the operator to “bridge” or “straddle” over damaged tubing retrievable safety valve polished bores while anchoring and sealing within the production tubing.


The FlexGARD™ is easily deployed with standard setting tools (E4-style, or equivalent) and locates on the no-go shoulder within the existing tubing retrievable safety valve.  Once set, the dual elements provide wellbore pressure integrity as well as hydraulic control isolation for the wireline insert safety valve.  The proven, retractable “cone-less” slips anchor the system to the production tubing above the tubing retrievable safety valve.   The FlexGARD™ can be recovered easily with standard wireline internal fishing tools (GS-type, or equivalent) for re-dress and re-run, if required.


The FlekGARD™ can operate up to temperatures of 250°F [121°C] and is designed withstand hydraulic actuation pressures of 10,000 psi [690 bar] and wellbore pressure differentials up to 5,000 psi [345 bar].  Please contact the Engineering Department at Tejas Research & Engineering with any questions, or special material requirements for your application.

Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve

No-Go Location within SCSSV

Upper Element

Lower Element

Anchor Slips

Re-established Surface Controlled Safety Valve Operation

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