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Consulting Engineering

Expand your bandwidth with Tejas, a top quality registered engineering organization which utilizes the very latest technologies and techniques combined with a team approach.

Tejas is a licensed engineering services provider to the energy sector capable of providing R & D project engineering and management services, feasibility studies, and computational analysis (FEA and CFD). Our processes and capabilities are focused on delivering innovation with the highest quality in the shortest period of time.


Our engineers work closely with clients to define project goals and can provide timely engineering services with full commitment to confidentiality and intellectual property protection.


Using Tejas can provide the following tangible benefits:

  • Allow you to avoid diversion of in-house resources from existing projects.

  • Our infrastructure is geared to greater efficiency and lower development costs.

  • Our highly motivated engineering staff is accustomed to rapid product design.

  • Our team-oriented approach speeds the process and "time to market".


Try us, we provide a top quality service that saves you time and money.

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