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CementGARD™ Completion Valve


  • Cement Pump-Through

  • Brine and Mud Tolerant

  • Protects Well from Flow-Back

  • Metal-to-Metal Seal

  • High Installation Speed

  • Standard OEM or FlexLOK

  • Up to 3,000 bbl/day Injection

OEM Lock

10,000 psi


In-House FAT Tested

CementGARD™ Valve


The CementGARD™ is designed to allow the operator rapid running speeds for setting in a dedicated nipple (with an OEM Lock, if available), or with the Tejas FlexLOK™ Nippleless Lock to set anywhere in the tubing if a nipple is not present.  Cementing and displacement fluid flow through the CementGARD™ into the lower sections of the completion.  Once pumping is complete, the metal-to-metal, GARD™ System's ball-and-seat prevent any fluids from flowing back up through the tubing.  The valve is made specifically for cement applications and is highly debris tolerant.  Once well cementing operations are complete, the CementGARD™ can be easily recovered for continued well intervention, as required.  The CementGARD™ is the most cement tolerant, wireline retrievable, one-way valve available on the market.

The CementGARD™ can also be deployed with Tejas HiFLO™ Lock in a dedicated HiFLO™ Nipple designed specifically for injection completions.  We look forward to discussing your specific well conditions and working with your preferred wellhead provider to solve your most difficult cementing applications.

CementGARD™ Valve

with FlexLOK™ Tool Anchor

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