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Standard Safety Valves-WRV

The Camco* type B-Series Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve is manufactured in compliance with API 14A and may be monogrammed upon request. Materials of construction are NACE approved and may be specified to any customer requirements. The B-Series WR-SCSSV features a large, straight-through bore for minimum restriction and a concentric piston actuation system for long-term, reliable performance.

The B-Series WRSV is offered in sizes 2.375 to 4.000 in. These valves are designed to accept any manufacturers’ locking mandrels and will set in any manufacturer hydraulic landing nipple or tubing retrievable safety valve when equipped with the appropriate locking mandrel and lock adapter. For recommendations on the best combination of B-Series safety system components to match a specific landing profile contact Tejas Research & Engineering or your local service provider.

Standard Safety Valves-WR Technical Sheet