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Sleeve Valves

The Camco* PGV-S sleeve-closure type gas vent safety valve that isolates annular flow below the packer. The PGV-S designed to control the flow of annular vent gas in electrical submersible pump installations, and injection gas in low volume gas lift installations. The PGV-S valve is also commonly attached to the top of multi-bore packer. The packer usually blocks annular flow, provides a path for produced fluids, ESP power cable access, and a vent path for separated gas and/or break-out gas in ESP applications. The PGV-S is normally installed with a dedicated hydraulic control line for positive surface control of the gas vent safety valve, but may also be installed using a common control line with the tubing safety system. The PGV-S is rated to 5,000-psi [34,474 kPa] working pressure.

The PGV-S valve design features an innovative sleeve-closure system. The proven rod-piston hydraulic actuation system provides predictable operation, decreased friction, a reduced hydraulic chamber area, and deeper setting depths than valves with concentric operating pistons.

PGV Sleeve Valves Technical Sheet