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Hydrostatic Valves

The Camco* type T-4 Slickline Retrievable Safety Valve operates on the ambient pressure principle. The T-4 valve closes when the tubing pressure at the valve drops below a preset closing pressure threshold. To facilitate deeper operating pressure settings or higher production pressures, a gas charged chamber is used to offset tubing pressure.

The T-4 Safety Valve utilizes a unique ball and seat design as the primary closure mechanism and offers a large flow area to handle high producing rates with minimum production pressure losses through the valve.

Using the proper lock adapter the T-4 safety valve will attach to most manufacturers’ locking mandrel and is installed in the well with standard slickline methods. These devices can be located and locked within a landing nipple in the production tubing string. If the T-4 safety valve is to be used in tubing string without a landing nipple the valve must be attached to a collar lock and tubing pack-off, or a slip-lock.

Hydrostatic Valves Technical Sheet