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Injection Nipples

The Tejas DA-CIV chemical injection nipple is designed to be run with the DA-CIV Chemical Injection Valve System. The DA-CIV nipple is deployed on the tubing string, to facilitate direct chemical injection into the tubing from surface via the DA-CIV system. The injection system is equipped with a series of back pressure checks to protect the injection line from back pressure/flow of well fluids.

The injection valve is manufactured with a ‘X or R-Type’ Nipple Profile and two or three honed seal bores to straddle the upper or lower injection port, or both as may be required. Connects to two separate 3/4” Chemical Injection Lines. A complete line of accessories such as Straddle Pack, Lock, Injection Tubing, Collar Protectors, Strapping Equipment and Tubing Reel equipment are available upon request.

Chemical Injection Nipple Technical Sheet