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NPD - TRIV-H™ with VOi™

The Tejas tubing retrievable injection valve with hydraulics, or TRIV-H™, is a subsurface controlled, injection safety valve that features the patent-pending Tejas VOi™ variable orifice insert. It is designed to prevent injection fluid from surging or flowing back out of the well when not actively injecting.

The TRIV-H™ hydraulic piston feature enables pressure integrity confirmation of the TRIV-H™ flapper and lower completion barrier valve (dual barriers) prior to removal of surface safety equipment. The hydraulic piston harnesses tubing pressure cycles to achieve the necessary operational sequence for run-in and pressure testing.  After pressure testing, flow alone actuates the TRIV-H™ flapper ensuring the lower completion barrier valve can be cycled repeatedly until re-opened without any potential for hydraulic lock.

The design of the TRIV-H™ provides a reliable, extremely versatile system that is virtually maintenance free. Together with the VOi™, the TRIV-H™ provides full well integrity without the necessity of running a control line to the valve. The TRIV-H™ features metal-to-metal body joints and incorporates our proven flapper and hard/soft seat designs.

The TRIV-H™, along with the wireline retrievable VOi™ choke system, are designed to provide a 20-year service life. The valve and insert have unlimited setting depths and are available in a wide variety of material selections that are suitable for both severely corrosive and highly erosive environments associated with water-injection applications.

The TRIV-H™ and VOi™ combination is designed to allow high flow injection rates without the need for a separate control system. The large-bore geometry provides the most efficient injection safety valve available on the market. The TRIV-H™ and VOi™ are designed to cover the entire range of injection rates up to 70,000 bpd [11,130 m3/d] and 10,000 psi [68,948 kPa] working pressure. The system is also capable of downhole temperatures ranging from 32 to 325°F [0 to 161°C].

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TRIV-H™ with Variable Orifice Insert, VOi™