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Tejas HPHT Facility...Any Questions?

High-pressure, high-temperature development is the greatest technological and regulatory challenge facing the oil and gas industry today. Tejas is meeting the challenge with our state of the art HPHT Facility. We differentiate ourselves from the competition in the way we provide testing services such as turn-key engineering, remote testing safety, modular testing manifolds, and secure web-based project monitoring.

Our commitment to the future is evident in the HPHT Facility which includes HPHT test bunker, engineering office space, and a 50' high bay laboratory. We offer our clients onsite workspace and meeting rooms for design consultations and testing supervision.

A key component of testing at Tejas is that all operations are performed inside fortified bunkers and controlled from a safe location inside the main building. Remotely controlled digital cameras provide constant visual and audio monitoring/recording inside the bunkers during all testing operations. The testing control system is designed such that the operator is never exposed to hazardous conditions while conducting a test. All high-pressure equipment is contained within the bunker and controlled with easily customized modular air manifolds. Our flexible testing system is unique because it can be quickly modified to accommodate changes in the test procedures.

Contact our sales department, sales@tejasre.com, for test specifications, proposals, and scheduling assistance.


Tejas Testing Facility