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Unable to find adequate test facilities?

Your Goals, Our Relationship
Tejas is committed to being a leader in the emerging requirements of our industry while maintaining a focus on the core element of innovation: people. We believe that building strong communications, and solid work dynamics are the keys to successful outcomes. We build partnerships to help our customers achieve their goals; your success is also our success.

About Tejas Testing
Unable to find adequate test facilities, Tejas designed and built one driven by the ever increasing requirements completion and HPHT products. With deep-rooted expertise in developing extreme conditions completions tools, our testing facilities have been constructed to meet the most rigorous qualification criteria established by API. Leveraging industry know-how and involvement, facilities have been expanded continually to meet the next generation of Safety, Quality, and Performance standards in the Oil & Gas field. With an emphasis on customer satisfaction, Tejas tailor's solutions to support engineers and project managers that rely on us. Setup an appointment to meet Tejas team and tour facility.

Why Choose Tejas?
• Oil and Gas focused
• Fast Response and Delivery
• Pressures to 80,000 PSI
• Temperatures to 1000 °F
• Remote Monitoring
• Third Party Support
• Customer Centric
• Outstanding safety record
• Certified Quality Standards

Tired of waiting?
Tejas specializes in time critical testing projects. We understand the delays in development and manufacturing of tools: waiting for testing resources just delays your project. Tejas offers on-site assembly, procurement, and delivery to help expedite your schedule. Most of our testing projects are kicked off within days of arrival, and almost all projects started within two weeks.

Testing Concerns?
Tejas understands the technical changes of qualification testing. Each of our testing project teams led by engineers with testing experience to various API and industry standards. Our facilities are setup to support 3rd party inspectors, visiting engineers, and staff. We have an established history of working closely with our clients to see these qualification projects through to correct completion.

Client Relationship Driven
Meeting Tejas customers' expectations and no less is our goal. We strive on earning our customers' trust by developing and sustaining our relationships through job performance. Your projects and your satisfaction is our priority.

Tejas Testing Brochure